The water on Mars. Is it under life?

In the past few decades, scientists have come up with a variety of theories about the possibility of life on Mars, and as many other mysteries have yet to be resolved. But for an expansion may have found that a lot of money has been invested, technology and effort, NASA scientists have been working for Mars.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, the second closest to the earth. With this close to the earth there are driving scientific curiosity to find a few similar physical properties on this red planet.Scientists have been trying to find out whether the physical environment of Mars is suitable for life.

A decade after concerted efforts, recently discovered by NASA’s Mars exploration orbiter, is the most evidence that some of the steep slopes on Mars are seasonal. These flows reflect a specific set of characteristics that are consistent with shallow saline water leakage.


These flows are named as recurring because of their performance lineage fading, disappearing in the cold season, again in the summer. This pattern repeats every year of the year. Flowing from the relatively bright cornerstone and flowing to the sand fans, where they were straight, the following linear channels.


The narrow stripes are produced from the walls of the caldera of the Garni Hotel. Source: NASA

Why does water need life to exist?

On our planet, all forms of life need water to survive. Water is a common natural chemical (it is also known as a substance or compound), which consists of water molecules, ie, hydrogen and oxygen.


This is an inorganic compound that accounts for about 55-60% of the adult’s weight. On many earths the body’s body fluids, cells and tissues make up the bulk of the water. And water can also be used as a solvent, as well as a delivery mechanism, from the food to dissolve the necessary vitamins and nutrients and deliver them to the cells.

In addition, the water has other elements, compounds, and even mixtures that do not have very special properties. For example,
• water is found in three states, namely liquids, gases and solids
• it has high heat capacity (UV, microwave, larger absorbers, and hydrogen-oxygen-dependent vibrations);
• water is dissolved Anything that includes salt, acid, alkali, sugar and gas dissolves huge property that is capable. In addition, it is also soluble in protein and DNA on the planet as a major component of the organism.
• Last but equally important; water has a strong surface tension, that is, the ability to adhere to the surface and elasticity. This property facilitates the absorption of water through the roots of the plant.In addition to this, this feature makes possible blood circulation through our body.

Because these very properties do not have other molecules or compounds, water is used as a medium in which organic compounds are free to create the complex structures needed to create life.The researchers also said that these water features also prevent the sun from radiant beings.

So, life may be on Mars?

On Mars, therefore, scientists search for evidence of regional life, where liquid water was once stable.Some scientists also believe that there may also be some of the current “hot spots” on the water where the water is on the pool (similar to the Yellowstone National Park, USA) already has (have) the place to live. The latest data taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (American Robot November 1996, which ships the spacecraft) show that liquid water may be available on some of the Earth’s specific places on the surface. And, in order to prove this, the 2001 Odyssey was ordered by the CIA to the underground reservoir on a global scale, which was further supported by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in 2010 to support the map.

Up to now, Mars missions, including Mars Global Explorer, Mars Odyssey, Mars Detective Rovers, Mars Scout Orbiter’s help, scientists know that water (ice) exists at the poles of Mars. These areas (where the evidence of water is found, especially in the polar regions) may be the potential to find signs of life and good places.

Secondly, together with the water, some other components also need life. For example, energy; therefore, scientists are also trying to understand the energy sources of energy than other sunlight.Here, on earth, we have in many places the sun has never reached, for example, deep ocean deep, deep under the surface, and even internal rock found life. For these, chemistry and geothermal energy are the main sources of energy.

Scientists also found that most of the current atmosphere of Mars, including carbon dioxide. Thus, if the formation of a chemical reaction between the atmosphere and the water on the surface of the surface of the carbonate carbonate, then the presence of these minerals is another clue, the water has been for a long time there is now; perhaps long enough life has been developed.

With new discoveries and evidence to use, we slowly go to the answer in. Whether there is life or existence in any form to our neighbors, Mars!

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The water on Mars. Is it under life?

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