Use Facebook’s paper to find interesting things

Facebook’s paper iPhone, Facebook’s new and popular news discovery application has become a direct competitor into the mobile app market. This article presents itself as an application to discover news from news sources and official stories from official sources, as well as the user’s Facebook friend’s account. It can be used in the App Store only for the US. In other words, make yourself as the center to find personal contacts as well as national and worldwide storylines and content. It presents the format, so that users more easily pick their favorite information. Paper Display Facebook News In the first part, this new design feed can accumulate any kind of photo (photos may be shorter and shorter or longer to work with longer content). In addition to Facebook feed, users can choose from more than a dozen other themes of tiles, extending from sports to news and science. After selecting the theme from the paper feed, the user can get some relevant topic of qualified news sources.

paper to find interesting things

Paper is the first exciting application that combines Facebook’s social reading. The tile of this article presents every detail of the shield, creating it to cool down to select a publishing and visual content diagonal throughout the screen. It allows users to share what they find and can publish their own unique positions, their friends or other users discover.

Facebook’s popularity of paper

  • Facebook’s paper has become the market communication comparison reader applied to other applications top social media
  • This article presents itself as an application to discover news stories, photos and videos from Facebook’s news feeds
  • It shows the ability to customize the grid-style story in the screen
  • In addition, it is convenient for users to browse stories by reading content from partners’ publications
  • It contains many features of the Facebook application
  • Beautiful story features, easy to navigate using simple natural athletic ability
  • Paper appears in full screen and distracting free story
  • It shows high-resolution photos with gorgeous album stories

Create Facebook papers outside of the United States

For some reason, it is only available in the United States, but external users can also use the App Store to use some tips. If the user is trying to get a paid application is very painful, the local address for the user needs, the local credit card, and so on. Although Paper is a free application, it just takes iTunes to get it.

There are two ways to get Facebook’s paper,

  • Change the iTunes account area of ​​the United States
  • Create a new US account

Change the account area

Follow these steps, the area of the account was changed to the United States,
Step 1: From the iPhone or iPad, enter the App Store application, and hit some selection
Step 2: From the selection section, go to the bottom, hit the Apple ID button, an alert message will pop up, click on “View Apple ID”
step 3: enter the user name and password in the Apple ID account, it will open a variety of settings account
step 4: Go to “country / Region” setting, and Chose the United States.

Create a new US account

To create a new US account,
step 1: first, log out from the current account and then go to the iTunes Store in the iTunes desktop application.
Step 2: In a round bottom country flag click
Step 3: circular country flag option to change the display area. Choose the United States from here.

in conclusion

The user gets the best stuff from Facebook paper because it makes it easy for users to discover and share stories from friends and people around you. It also helps users discover and share stories and stories of the best in the world.

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Use Facebook’s paper to find interesting things

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