Ten tools team to communicate

In all walks of life, communication has become indispensable. Needless to say, team communication has become an integral part of every business. E-mail is still used by many companies for team communication reasons. It is very common for these days, employees and employers to view their e-mail accounts with newsletters, spam, unnecessary perseverance, etc. Despite their e-mail accounts, the above email service providers, such as Google and Yahoo, offer excellent filtering options A dedicated tool or software to achieve seamless team communication will undoubtedly improve the productivity of employers and employees.

In this article, I bring you the knowledge of the top ten tool teams to communicate:


Trello is a team collaboration tool, it is super easy to use. Trello resembles a dashboard where many flexible elements and work practices are in the form of ‘cards’. The user can create several sections and pass in each section that can create the card. For example, users can create sections, such as “in progress”, “approved ideas”, “ready to verify” and so on. In such sections, the user can create cards and move them into each part of the card. Each card is associated with one or more tasks.Members can be added to the Trello card. The card has many features, such as adding or adding new members, enclosing a few lists, and attaching some files or PDFs, etc., the possibility of Trello is countless ability!



HipChat is equipped with an eye-catching chat interface. This team’s collaboration tool, which allows users to embed photos and other types of media that can be shared with each other. The HipChat tool can be opened on the desktop and on the phone. So, regardless of the device’s platform and size, HipChat is used as an instant messaging application. One of the two pairs, team communication can be achieved by using this tool. HipChat is equipped with a 30-day free trial feature. Up to Pricing, charges HipChat per user is moderate $ 16.

Grove IRC

IRC stands for internet relay chat. Internet Relay Chat Protocol connects you to different customers.To talk with your teammates password protection, Grove IRC is your best choice. Grove IRC can instantly connect to different chat rooms. Chat rooms are commonly referred to as channels.Numerous channels can be accessed through the use of Web-based free scripts. This tool is reasonably priced. Grove IRC supports a variety of popular libraries such as GitHub, in place bucket, Heroku and so on.


This is a Web-based network-independent tool. In other words, people on a network can be different from the people on the network chat. What is a need is to enter the password to protect the chat password. Bonfire comes with complementary plugins and some third-party applications. It allows any user to have a preview of the images that are being shared with other users. Campfire can also be used as an iPhone application.


Skype has more than 4 million registered users. This clearly demonstrates its popularity. Skype allows you to make video calls and transfer files. You can send text messages by collaborating with your team members here. When it comes to meeting the needs of the business environment, there is nothing more than Skype.



The fuse is equipped with free and paid plans. This team’s communication and collaboration tools are available on the desktop and on the mobile platform. Come to its main function, support fuze multi-party HD video conferencing with full-duplex audio together. It is compatible with other tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Lync, Google Calendar, etc.


GLIP comes with a lot of cloud-based applications. GLIP helps you manage your to-do tasks, chat, calendar, documents and notes. GLIP comes with a cute feature called “Knowledge Base”. This proprietary team communication tool is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies. GLIP claims to be the perfect alternative to an email inbox.

Microsoft’s Lync

Microsoft Office Communicator has officially been renamed “Microsoft’s Lync.” In 2013, Microsoft’s Lync has been renamed “Commercial Edition Skype”. The commercial version of Skype, Skype’s Enterprise Edition allows you to add up to 250 members online. This team’s collaboration tools are seamlessly integrated with a variety of Microsoft products.


Yammer is a unified cross-platform communication tool that helps employees collaborate in multiple departments and regions. Yammer is currently Microsoft’s patented product. Therefore, it is not necessary to emphasize that Yammer’s various Microsoft products are perfectly integrated. Having a powerful search function came, it is no exaggeration to say that Yammer’s improved business agility.


The project management tool has a Facebook user-friendly interface. The user can leave some comments indicating the progress of the tasks assigned to them. In addition, any user can send a letter to other users. Therefore, the notice becomes a phenomenon of people’s daily life. Azendoo supports iOS and Android platforms. It also has a free and pay-based pricing plan.

You can try the seamless combination of the above tools for seamless team communication and collaboration.

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Ten tools team to communicate

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