Asia’s five fascinating cities

Asia is the largest and most fascinating continent in the world. Now, many people may claim that “the largest continent” is understood, but how do you give it the “most fascinating continent” badge. So its answer is that it is keeping its integrity intact next to the modern mix The birthplace of two of the oldest living civilizations.

Any continent, civilized or national identity is a city that has some characteristics that allow them to separate classes. In the present era is also true, several cities, although the locals in Asia, more than a period of time global significance. The reason for its prominence may be politics, geography, tourism and so on. On this basis, let us look through the continent on the top five in the city.


Thai capitals our list why not? This is the only place where the occupants come from this remote area would like to have the city to visit. This charming city is equipped with contrasts and with lots of moves at every turn. You can visit to take off your journey, sparkling temples, rent a boat, visit the water market and bustling Chinatown.

From a geographical point of view, Bangkok has a huge range, which includes beautiful beaches, azure waters and breathtaking islands. The high standards of public transport facilities in this city are touched. For the shopaholic, the local market offers all you desire. Last but not least, one of the highlights of the important, yes, I was the first to visit the planet for its visitors from all over the world.


This bustling Japanese capital is a spectacular blend of ultra-modern values ​​and traditional values.On the one hand, in the neon flashing skyscraper to enhance its pride, while the cartoon shop cherry tree and the temple keep its identity unchanged the other party. Famous towering doors and surrounding forests, the luxury of the Meiji Shrine quietly introduces the magnitude of Tokyo. The Imperial Palace is located in a vast garden.

Here, visitors get endless entertainment, shopping, dining and culture that seem endless. Many of the historic temples, the wonderful museums and the ideal of the garden show the beauty of this city.


This brilliant Chinese capital is considered to be established for nearly three thousand years of history. However, the best blend of modern miracles and ancient architecture has laid a foundation for a perfect tourist attraction. Beijing is also China’s Great Wall, the ancient architectural miracle of this wonderful city’s stunning display still standing in the high hometown.

The beauty of this place lies in the fact that any of its sight visits during the visit is the fact that the tradition has been kept well here. Distinctive dishes, restaurants and rich culture and values ​​of the wonderful show of the most numerous visitors to the strike. China’s capital is also the center of the traditional Chinese performing arts, including the beautiful lines of tumbling acrobatics, opera and Chinese classical dancing.

Hong Kong

With a lot of ancient traditions, skyscrapers and celestial food, this mysterious city over and over again fans. The southeastern cost of China’s autonomous leader bewitches for its skyline and natural deepwater harbor. Despite the encirclement of the waves of evolution, the traces of colonialism can be easily observed here. The city’s architecture is the shadow of the era of old or old displays. Hong Kong is considered to be the top food destination in Asia and you have a variety of dishes, including a bowl of ravioli dripping steamed snacks. A shopping paradise, the city’s market offers a range of products that are dotted exclusively by shopping mahogany.

Kuala Lumpur

This magnificent Malaysian capital features prominent monuments, steel-plated skyscrapers, large-scale shopping malls, lush green parks, animated street markets and stunning nightlife. It is one of the best places to explore on foot, so you can catch all the actions that do not put yourself into trouble with traffic jams. This corner of Asia is a paradise for food lovers who meet the delicious combination of Asian culinary traditions. Despite the heavy traffic conditions, the replacement of old buildings, skyscrapers and factories to raise numbers, Kuala Lumpur is still able to maintain its quiet and green atmosphere, as once it was there in Kampung.

in conclusion

The changing taste of the visitors makes these top five cities chart. In the resurrection of living standards, excellent infrastructure and extraordinary facilities are common to visitors. They are mentally motivated and the preferences of modern life drag these places where they are rich enough to satisfy their motives.

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Asia’s five fascinating cities

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